CGraph Simulator

Draw Graphs,Simulate Algorithms and more……


  • Draw graphs with straight lines using drawing tools
  • Load graphs from file. Save graphs for using later
  • Autosave the graph after every change
  • Move the nodes in your desired position
  • Color the nodes,change level as you like
  • Make your graph a wheel ,a ring or a bipartite graph automatically
  • Make complement graph,complete graph in a single click
  • Simulate common graph algorithms. See the next slide for algorithm related info
  • Update cost of the edges
  • Delete node or edges
  • And plenty more……….

Supported Algorithms

Kruskal’s minimum spanning tree:

Simulate kruskal’s algorithm for finding mst and see how it works

Depth First Search:

“Cgraph Simulator” will simulate the dfs with colored line and will show you what actually happens when the algorithm runs.

Breadth First Search:

Run bfs and find single source shortest path(SSSP). Our simulator will show you exactly how it works


If the graph is weighted BFS won’t work. Simulate dijikstra to find SSSP.

Floyed warshall:

Our simulator will use floyed warshall to find apsp. As it is a complicated algorithm It wont visualize the simulation.

Bellman ford:

Find Negative weight cycle using this. This algorithm has resemblance to dijkstra.

Optimal Graph Coloring

Color the nodes in optimal way using backtrack and see how it works

Finding Euler Circuit and path using backtrack

Use backtrack to find euler circuit and path


Click here to Download
[Lat updated 10th july 2011]
[Released on 24th January 2011]

The software is now available as deb file instead of raw cpp files. You can use it in just 3simple steps:

1. Download deb file from the link above. Install it by double clicking on it.

2. Ubuntu/mint users install opengl glut with this command: sudo apt-get install freeglut3-dev or search for freeglut in synaptic package manager. Fedora users search in add-remove softwares.

3. Install geany from software center or with “sudo apt-get install geany” for ubuntu and “yum install geany” for fedora.

(Without geany out can run the simulator but cant get the result in text-editor. In next version i will change the default editor to gedit.)

You are done :) . Now just open terminal,type cgraph and enjoy simulation!

Tested on Fedora,Ubuntu,Linux Mint and should run on all linux systems. Dont run on windows yet.

If you have trouble with using the software please contact me. Contact details is given on developer section. I will response you as soon as possible.


Developed by Shafaet Ashraf as 2nd semister project in University Of Dhaka,Bangladesh.

Special Thanks to Muhammed Ridowan for helping me to make the deb package.
Contact Details:
Bangla Blog: http://www.shafaetsplanet.com/planetcoding/
Email: shafaet.csedu[at]gmail.com
Facebook: Profile Link

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